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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge B480

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge B480

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge B480

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Edge B480 is the business-class machine with a progressive look. These Lenovo’s B Series will probably carry the Intel’s Celeron or Core i3. The Lenovo Edge B480 is reasonably priced incorporated the budgeted line of the small business machines. In the term of design, Lenovo B480 is plain and boxy shaped.
The Lenovo B480 will get the place of existing B470 keeping almost the same style with the price range of around $399. The ThinkPad B480 will be marketed in April, 2012 the same as a part of updated Lenovo’s in-budget laptops. The Lenovo B480 sounds like their fresh policy, "Lifestyle Computing,” which has three styles of notebooks. The "Premium" machines designed for the image-conscious experts who required presentation as well as handy machine; the "Mainstream" featuring powerful shapes and color options, and the "Essential" will deliver all basics in affordable rate.
The B480 will be powered through Intel’s CPU, along with high end graphics, up to one TB HDD, USB 3.0, HDMI and multi-card reading slot, fast booting time and web camera of high resolution. According to Lenovo, the Lenovo B480 will include Lenovo Solution for SMBs.
Mr. Luis Hernandez, VP of Business Unit at the Lenovo quoted that small companies are required a machine that can handle all requirements; the new series of ThinkPad Edge exceed these requirements with new progressive designs, speedy booting and easy managing features.
Lenovo ThinkPad Edge B480 Display

Display Lenovo ThinkPad Edge B480

Latest Lenovo B480 will be with 14 inches screen, and buyers can be able to choose sporting the Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge generation of Intel Core CPUs. The Lenovo B480 will contain an NVIDIA Optimus capable graphics solution that will provide a great display to its viewers.

Performance ThinkPad Edge B480

We are awaiting Intel’s updates for 2012s lineup mobile processors; there’s no way to guess the exact processor, most probably, it will contain the budget Intel Celeron lineup or possibly the Core i3. The new Lenovo ThinkPad Edge B480 laptop does not just look at the upright; it will pack the hottest Intel’s Core CPUs along with Thunderbolt technology.

The ThinkPad Edge 14 -inch laptop will include new software just as Lenovo Solution Center, who helps solving regular IT jobs as remote management, deploying updates and can handle basic music and video entertainment wishes.
This ultraportable machine will be available in Black color along with 3rd Gen Intel Core CPU Ivy Bridge expectedly. Moreover, the B480 will have 14-inch widescreen and less than 1 inch thin. You can take advantage of dual HDDs along combined storing capacity up to 1 TB, DVD drive and NVIDIA Optimus capable graphic solution. Extra features include USB 3.0 ports, Dolby Home Theatre v4 and Intel Thunderbolt Technology.
ThinkPad Edge B480 Side

Specifications ThinkPad Edge B480

Processor: Intel Celeron, i3
Operating System: Windows 7
Dimensions: 13.39” x 9.24” x 1.32”
Screen: 14-inches 1366 x 768 resolution
Storage: HDD of up to 1TB
Memory: Max 8GB RAM
Weight: 4.7lbs
Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Ports: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet, HDMI, Monitor out
Ports: HDMI, USB 3.0 (3), USB 2.0 (1), Ethernet, Monitor out
ThinkPad Edge B480 Back


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